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As I said, an affordable customized minibrand template is a great first step to your branding —it makes your brand alive quickly.

But this shouldn't be your long-term solution. Invest and hire a professional to create your unique branding as soon as you have the money for it and know exactly what will be your brand vision and the exact purpose of your business.

In order to help you a bit more on this path, I've collected a list of professional, smart and cool designers that you can reach for your project:

web design

Nowadays no brand can live without an online presence whether it's a website, a blog or an e-shop.

If you do not have a website already, you will need one very soon. I suggest you to try to work with the templates of Squarespace which are really easy to use. Whether you need simple pages, portfolios, a professional blog or an e-commerce, it's all included. Pick your template and start! Check their website for more info. 

Or you can be helped by a professional to build your site, here is a list of Squarespace and Wordpress specialists:

Squarespace Specialists & Templates:

Squarespace's index (S)

Eva Goicochoa (S)

Go Live (S + T )

more coming soon...


Wordpress Templates:

Restored 316


more coming soon...