You are about to start a kick-ass blog or want to rock a bit more your brand?

Branding Blogging Served! 
is a digital design boutique that can help you with that... 

You'll find here cool, smart collections of easy to use graphic resources specially designed for prolific bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mini brand owners and slashies. 

B+B Served just opened and only three products are available at the moment but stay tuned a lot more is coming soon ;-) 


Are you a slashie like me ?

A “slashie” is a creative person who actually has multiple "jobs": one that pay the bills, another one like maybe an Esty shop that helps to pay some drinks to your friends and another very recent activity that pursue a creative development without financial gain for now, hoping that someday this activity becomes the one paying the bills :-)

There are more than half million people juggling multiple professional roles and 54 per cent are women. Technology has enhanced the potential of having multiple income streams. We want to earn more but most of all we want to pursue our creative dreams. That's why we are now:

singer/writer/coach — web designer/jewelry maker/mom —  photographer/student/blogger and more...

Most of my friends are slashies and they constantly asked me for creating a branding —not only a logo or a business card but a whole mini identity, with collaterals —for their minibrand or for their blog or their online shop, etc... All these multiple activities needed to be branded and have their own identity quickly...we know how fast the world is spinning!  They needed it fast and they had not the budget for a designer at that time.

→ and?

And the idea of Branding Blogging Served came, why not propose premade complete "Mini branding"  and graphic resources for all these great creative entrepreneurs and bloggers that needed to be online NOW? An affordable template is a great first step to make the project and/or brand alive. You just need a simple brand with a clean typeface to start. And when the time comes, when you know exactly what will be your brand vision, hire a professional to design your one and unique branding.

In the meantime, the B+B solution is great; no big expenses, quick start, less stress, and you are the co-creator of your branding ;-)